Copy Editing

Great copy is rarely achieved on the first attempt (my own included). It can take several rounds of editing to get it spot on and fit for purpose. Copy editing differs from proofing in that, whilst they both look at the finer detail, an edit is mainly focused on the overall quality of a piece - its content, tone and structure - rewriting where necessary for a professional finish.

As a freelance copy editor, I'm happy to take your pre-existing content and rework it into a fully polished piece with a clear message and purpose.

A fully comprehensive edit includes:


  • Ensuring the right style and structure are used to achieve the intended effect

  • Checking for flow and continuity, addressing inconsistencies within the text

  • Correcting spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax and formatting

  • Editing content for clarity, removing repetition and 'wordiness'

  • Checking the accuracy of facts and figures

  • Where relevant, cross referencing the appropriate style guide

Copy Editing Services

If you have a piece of existing copy that you feel doesn't quite live up to its full potential, get in touch today to see how my copy editing service can help.


Unlike editing, proofing is performed on the finalised version of your copy and it's the last tick on the 'before you publish' checklist. It's a vital part of the copywriting process - no matter how well-written and engaging the content, just one error can ruin the effectiveness of the entire piece.

As a freelance proofreader, I'll cast an expert eye over your final copy, giving you peace of mind that it's 100% error free and ready to share with your audience.

Proofreading Services

A final proofread checks for:


  • Spelling 

  • Punctuation

  • Grammar

  • Formatting

  • Typesetting

I'm happy to proofread copy of any length, from a half page job ad to a full blown manuscript. If you're after impeccable attention to detail for a flawless end product, contact me today.